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Rowland Land Clearing

Our other business, Rowland Land Clearing, has been in the business of site preparation for reforestation for over 35 years.  We are directly responsible for thousands of acres for reforestation annually, primarily preparing cut-over and fallow land for reforestation utilizing D8R's with K/G (shear) blades, as well as by chopping, harrowing, and/or bedding with D6R dozers and John Deere skidders.  We also provide tree-planting services.

With 100+ years of experience (our supervisor, Junior Rowell has over 55 years of site prep experience alone) we can properly evaluate and execute the task at hand.

We operate throughout the Southeastern quarter of Georgia, and if you could use our services please call us at (912) 375-5765 and ask to speak with Jerry or Junior.


Slash is the largest volume species of pine that we replant, with longleaf coming in a close second, and Loblolly coming in a distant third.  Longleaf has an initially slower growth rate that led to slash and loblolly being chosen more frequently for replanting during the 20th century.  The Longleaf Pine Initiative (a Conservation Reserve Program) is a program established by the Farm Service Agency (FSA) to address the dwindling acreage of longleaf forests across the southern U.S.  This program works with landowners via cost-sharing and rental payments in an attempt to return this species to some of its prior range.

More about the various major southern pine species can be read about here.

More information about the Longleaf Pine Initiative can be learned here.

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