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Jerry Rowland Sales

​Company History

We have been in business since 1971, and our equipment knowledge runs a lot deeper than just buying and selling.  We started out clearing land and trading equipment in order to improve production and keep repair costs down.  A lot of knowledge has been accumulated over the years, and we still keep up with current market trends in order to stay attuned to our customers needs.

Undercarriage Wear

This page has some good information on the basics of undercarriage wear, as well as some common u/c terms and conditions.

Iron Record

Iron Record is a very useful site for Caterpillar heavy equipment basic information.  The main benefit of this site is the ability to identify year model by serial number, and it also has links to info such as weights, dimensions and capabilities.

Baldwin Filters

This catalog by Baldwin Filters allows an easy cross-reference for OEM filters.

Wix Filters

This catalog by Wix filters is also handy for filter cross-referencing.

Savannah Forestry

Savannah plows are what we use for bedding.

Allen-Orton Hydraulics

Allen-Orton Hydraulics in Savannah, GA can help provide lower cost (but still brand-name) valve and pump components for your heavy equipment that uses Parker valves and Commercial Hydraulics.​


The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Site provides information and services for landowner reforestation.

Industry Links and General Information

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